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Clean Slate – Meet the Body Cleansers

Your skin deserves a clean slate. Meet the Body Cleansers. Formulated for a satisfying body washing experience with post-shower skincare benefits and a subtle layer of fine fragrance that lasts on the skin. Sounds good? We’ll introduce you.

Meet Body Cleanser .01

Your go-to for serving up softer, hydrated skin. A not so average body wash infused with soothing and moisturising ingredients like vitamin b5 and marula oil alongside glycerin and pentavitin to provide deep action hydration. Not getting that tight, dry skin feeling post-shower is truly satisfying. 

Since “smellyvision” doesn’t exist we’ll do our best to describe what Body Cleanser .01 smells like. Infused with our signature bespoke fragrance blend Beyond Here it elevates your senses with notes of jasmine, bergamot and black pepper.

Balanced with comforting rich leather and woody accords it smells like the embodiment of sophistication….but subtle. We chose Beyond Here as our signature scent because it’s that sexy skin smell that warms with you and can be left alone or layered with others. 

Meet Body Cleanser .02

Consider this your same day service to radiant and smoother skin. Infused with fruit-derived AHAs (gentle exfoliation), niacinamide (brightening + skin barrier strengthening), vitamin E (moisturising) and pentavitin (deep hydration) it’s your all inclusive daily wash. 

Infused with our bespoke fragrance blend Modern Unity, you get a sophisticated and sexy blend of smooth, sweet blackberry notes united with earthy birch tar and guaiacwood. It subtly lingers on your skin post-shower and is a rather unique balance of traditional feminine and masuline notes that says “modern and confident”. 

If you were ever in need of a clean slate…this is it. 

Embrace a new world of bodycare with us @messiahandeve

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