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Skincare Isn’t Just For Your Face

The key is in the word “care”. Answer us honestly, how many of those lotions and potions in your “skincare collection” are for skin below the neck?

Yes, we thought so. Caring for skin beyond the face is a routine we’ve all neglected in the past – and we don’t blame you. Like us, you probably don’t have time every day to slather on a 5-step body care routine. And like us, you’ve probably been stumped to find a decent body wash that does more than just pay lip service to that “lather and clean” feeling.

But oh do we have good news for you! Introducing the MESSIAH and EVE body care collection aka “ day 1 of good skin days that aren’t just for your face”. We’ve taken the basic body care steps of washing and moisturising and elevated them with some pretty badass upgrades.

Skin CARING Ingredients

All of our formulations are infused with vegan results-driven ingredients and not just the pedestrian ones. We’re talking plant-derived squalane, niacinamide, prebiotics, nourishing oils, amino acids, AHAS.


And by “good” we mean sexy, sophisticated, smells like luxury fragrance came knocking. Our formulations are infused with bespoke unisex fine fragrance blends that will leave a whipser of subtle lasting scent across your skin. We advocate smelling good for yourself first and it’s a bonus if everyone starts asking you “what scent are you wearing?”. We recommend a chill response of “oh, that’s just my body cream”. 


Whilst being sustainably and responsibly sourced and designed was our priority, creating bottles that look good in your bathroom was also important. Sleek, minimal, functional and modern – you won’t want to hide these bottles when guests come over.

Embrace a new world of bodycare with us @messiahandeve

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