saccharide isomerate

17 November 2021 View all News

Up Close & Personal: Saccharide Isomerate (what? 😂)

This month we’re getting up close and personal with Waterin® the trade name for the plant-derived ingredient Saccharide Isomerate.

A super humectant (moisturising ingredient that hydrates by drawing moisture to the top layer of the skin) that acts just like well-known hydration hero Hyaluronic Acid by binding many times its own weight in water to keep moisture locked into your skin. However, unlike Hyaluronic Acid, it doesn’t wash away easily which is why we wanted to hero this hydration magnet in both our Body Cleanser .01 and Body Cleanser .02 to provide lasting deep moisturisation and prevent post-shower dryness. 

At a Glance: The benefits of Saccharide Isomerate

  • It helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels over time – perfect for these upcoming winter months!
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth, plump and supple. 
  • If you struggle with super dry, sensitive or itchy skin it can provide lasting hydrating relief and leave your skin feeling comfortable and healthier.

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