Meet Our NEW Hand Wash

26 December 2021

We wanted to add a little more luxury to the often mundane task of washing your hands.

Introducing our NEWEST LAUNCH – HAND WASH .liberation! A whole TWO years in the making, this is our hydrating hand wash formulated to be kind to your skin with moisturising ingredients (such as Vitamin E and Glycerin) and plant derived cleansers that will leave your hands feeling soft and supple. 

We designed this hand wash with a vision to create the perfect remedy to all of our frequent hand washing rituals.

We’re also excited to share that our hydrating hand wash is scented with our NEW fragrance “liberation”. What does liberation smell like? Think autumnal walks and cosy fireside chesterfields with its rich and comforting notes of violet, cardamom and dry wood. Designed to linger on your hands long after you have washed them. 

Watch HAND WASH .liberation in action here.

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